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The true power of the Dyson Airblade/Dyson

Dyson Airblade / Dyson products are the best fits for modern lavatory design. The fastest, most hygienic hand dryers with HEPA filtered air. Contact Jibpool, your one stop expert for lavatory solution.

Studies have shown that air hand dryers have the ability to spread germs and bacteria. These studies were not conducted in a manner that is acceptable by many. The way some of these studies were conducted gives the impression that the test is biased and designed to make the hand dryer look bad.

The Dyson Airblade/Dyson is considered as one of the fastest hand dryers on the market today. The machine allows you to dry your hands independently, which ensures that the drying process is kept consistent. There are machines similar to this one that offers more power, but the Airblade is capable of providing outstanding performance.

The Dtson Airblade/Dyson is designed compact, making it perfect to fit in areas where space is limited. The compact design makes it easier to install the machine and it is less expensive than other in its class. The Airblade hand dryer has a back plate that is easy to mount. You can mount and install and wire separately. This makes sure that the electrical wires are not exposed. The remainder of the device can be removed and replaced at any time with ease. You don’t need any expertise to do so. With the option of a removable backplate, you will be able to do repairs without causing damage to the main unit.

Other Dryers

Many hand dryers are noisy and this is true for the previous models of Dyson Airblade/Dyson. The newest version of the device is approximately thirty percent quieter than previous models. The research team at Dyson has really done their research and the result is nothing short of amazing. The design contributes greatly to the new quiet disposition. The inner diffuser and impeller are designed more aerodynamic. This makes the airflow paths better optimized for sound. The motor that is equipped on the machine sucks less air in the dryer and this reduces the noise created. The slots for air flow are reduced in size, which also reduces the noise created, but does nothing to reduce the air velocity. The Airblade is equipped with hygienic features, the design keeps the fibers of glass and the fleece HEPA filter. The entire device is created to minimize the spread of bacteria. The outer part is covered in antibacterial paint and plastic that prevents bacteria from spreading.

The new features

With the new features added and the original design intact the Airblade is sure to do well on the market similar to its processors. The new features make the Dyson Airblade a dynamic machine that looks to be improved in the coming years. There are a lot of jet air hand dryers available on the market, but the Airblade from Dyson might be the best on the market. It has been redesigned to be less of a health risk spreading bacteria and the noise pollution has been reduced. When you go looking for an air hand dryer you should consider this hand dryer. It is easy to install and compact.

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Technology from United Kingdom

Dyson Airblade hand dryers are powered by the Dyson digital motor V4. Its small size and power density are what have made our hand dryer technology possible.


  • Dyson digital motor – 35 litres of air every second through HEPA filters
  • HEPA filtration – Captures 99.9% of bacteria in washroom air
  • Airblade technology – 690 km/h sheets of HEPA filtered and unheated air dry hands in 10-12 seconds

Dyson Airblade dB 
The Dyson Airblade dB has been acoustically re-engineered to reduce noise, now 50% quieter. The Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer is made from tough and durable ABS polycarbonate. It’s been repeatedly tested to withstand the pressure of high usage washrooms.

Dyson Airblade V
The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer uses two sheets of air that span the width of each hand to scrape off water like a windscreen wiper.

Dyson Airblade Wash+Dry

With Airblade hand drying technology in a tap, hands can be dried in the sink in 12 seconds. There is no need for users to move to separate drying area, so no water is dripped in the area. With the Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryer, there is room for extra toilet cubicles and other facilities.


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