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Product from Armstrong Flooring
Anti-collision Wall Covering Material

Armstrong Shield, a homogeneous solid tile resistant to impact, Polymer hard anti-collision wallboard of Armstrong is the perfect substitute product of wall protection materials, such as compact grade laminate, Conant wallboard, fire-proof plate, ceramic tile, aluminum-plastic panel, metal wallboard, etc.

Clean and simple by design, Walliron-shield provides a seamless coating for healthcare interiors needing a low maintenance, long lasting wall covering which resists scratching, scuffing and denting.

  • Applied for any segments’ wall, provide wall protection and decorative usage
  • Easy for cleaning, prevent kinds of medicament and strong acid/alkali
  • High impact strength, weather resistance, and improve rheological properties
  • Easy installation, does not occupy excessive wall space and reduces maintenance costs and protects long term appearance
  • Thermal bending characteristics to fit all kinds of curved areas and corners
  • Various shades and patterns available


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Copenhagen, Denmark




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