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Made in Germany

Lehnen Funktion

Lehnen Funktion has been developed for barrier- free bathroom furnishings, suitable for the aged. The comprehensive range of this system, the excellent standard of stainless steel processing and the resultant extended serviceable life are all benefits which are particularly valued in public facilities, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres and residences for senior citizens. The uncompromised use of material even offers heavy and tall users a safe hold and thus more independence in the bathroom.

Lehnen Evolution

The Lehnen Evolution bathroom facilities series stands out with its timeless design, the vitality of which rubs off on this place of cleaning and regeneration.

More quality of life and independence: In the bathroom, it is particularly important to support natural movements with ideal hold and stability. The goal is to remove all barriers. This goal should be achieved in such a way that even heavier and larger user can move safely. You can only set the standard if you keep setting higher standards.

Disable Accessories And Healthcare Products – Jibpool

Disable accessories for the bathroom

Toilets with high quality disable accessories help to ensure the user safety. Jibpool has been focusing on lavatory and flooring solution for years to bring you quality products which are easy to clean and space-saving.

It is important that all public facilities cater for the disabled. It is against the law for a public facility to not have in place Disable accessories to aid disabled people. It is discriminating against the disabled. To completely understand the requirements for your public washroom as it relates to the disabled you need to review the ADA code section. It is not uncommon for disabled people to need some disable accessories in the washroom to aid in their safety.

For the longest time there was no provision made for the disabled as it pertains to washroom accessories. In recent times the law has made sure that every public facility is equipped with accessories for the disabled and this includes business bathrooms.

It is not always straightforward to use the toilet as a disabled person. There is a lot for disabled people to consider when they take a trip to the washroom. It is already difficult to ask for this type of help. There are equipment and accessories available to help the situation more streamlined. All these accessories are designed to help disabled people live a full and independent life.

There are different disabilities and this means there are different kinds of aid these people will need. Some disabled people need help with hygiene related issues while others need help physically, getting on and off the toilet. There are many accessories designed specifically to target these different conditions and need. Some of the disable accessories available are listed below.

Disable toilet seat frame

These frames are placed on the toilet and used by the disabled to help mount and dismount the toilet. These are mostly made from materials such as aluminum or steel. These are either fixed to a wall or they are left freestanding

Raised toilet seats

Raised toilet seats are placed atop the regular seat. They are used to help disabled people that have difficulty getting off the toilet. A raised toilet seat will make it easier to dismount the toilet as a disabled person.


Commodes are a combination of a regular chair and a portable toilet. The accessory was designed for disabled people that have a difficult time going to and coming from the bathroom. The accessory is made like a normal chair except there is a toilet basin beneath it. They are available in many colors just in case you need it to complement or blend in with your bathroom’s décor. Some of these devices are made with wheels to help with maneuvering.

Bidet bowls

The bidet bowl is used by people who find it hard to clean themselves after using the toilet. It fits in the toilet bowl and you can use the warm water from within to wash up and the water can simply get flushed away.

Bottom wipers

Bottom wipers is just as the name suggest. This device is used to help people who have difficulties wiping themselves through the disable toilet seat. The device will grip the toilet paper and allow you to wipe until clean.


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