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《HKET經濟日報》【醫療科技】新型「智能洗手間」結合AI 及時準確偵測意外發生

Jibpool Smart Toilet Solution has been well developed and applied in various remarkable construction projects. Apart from offering innovative smart toilet features that benefit user experience and managing staff working, Jibpool provides solutions to protect washroom user’s life safety.
Thanks to 香港經濟日報, introduces the AI Life-sense Alert System. The contactless and no-camera device can detect the area’s occupancy and the user’s motion, identify if a fall accident or unconscious conditions occur with AI, letting the managing staff Grasp the Golden-15-minute Emergency Rescue.
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【醫療科技】新型「智能洗手間」結合AI 及時準確偵測意外發生

鑑於私隱問題,公眾洗手間不能裝置鏡頭一類監控系統,一旦有市民在使用洗手間時發生意外,例如因地滑跌倒受傷或突然暈倒,就很容易失救而導致嚴重後果。智能洗手間製造商Jibpool推出「Smart Toilet 2.0」,搭載AI智能體感偵測器,可及時準確偵測意外發生。

坊間大部分的智能洗手間,都會設置動態感應器(Motion Sensor),當使用者在廁格内10分鐘沒有動靜時,就會自動發出警報通知。但動態感應器只適用於「殘厠」一類密封環境,如在一般洗手間及廁格安裝,就時有誤鳴的情況發生,因此效果並不理想。



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