Smart Toilet

Jibpool Smart Toilet System is a maintenance technology that consists of people density counter, ammonia sensor, safety alert and etc. Data collected with analytics provide predictive cleaning and inventory usage.
A device equipped with a sensor transceiver and Wi-Fi Ethernet connectivity detects relevant data that will help the facility management on the cleanliness of every washroom.

(1) Safety Alert – Passing out on the toilet and require immediate attention
(2) Toilet Malfunction – Run out of toilet paper or hand-wash soap
(3) Air Quality Monitoring – Smoke detection for toilets
(4) Manpower Management – Cleaners work load depends on people flow in buildings
(5) Crowd Control Services – Staff redirect customers to nearby washroom due to long queues

System Structure:
(1) IOT (Internet of Things) Solution – Understanding every aspect of the washroom by deploying industry-grade robust sensors
(2) Big Data Analysis – Sensor’s reading is uploaded to cloud by BLE to conduct Big Data Analysis
(3) Dashboard & Report – Easy facilities management by a glance at our dashboard & auto generated report


Copenhagen, Denmark




Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Lavatory Solution


Dashboard, Intelligent Toilet, IOT, Lavatory Solution, Sensor, Smart Toilet System

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