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Smart Toilet System and its Maintenance Technology – Jibpool

Jibpool’s Smart Toilet System is exactly what you need. Maintain toilet’s safety and cleanliness with the maintenance technology including crowd control, air quality monitoring and more. Contact us to understand more.

With the world advancing towards new and better technologies, at Jibpool, we have made it our goal to bring better and smart toilet systems for our customers. Smart toilets are toilets which are equipped with smart technologies. Toilets are a very important part of our homes or offices and their cleanliness and hygiene are very important for people’s good health. Smart toilets are made with the same goal as mentioned above.

Why Do You Need Smart Toilet Systems?

Smart Toilets are very common in Japan and their population is healthier than most of the countries. Smart toilets help in the following ways:

1. Reducing Water Wastage – Smart toilets are equipped with technologies which take care of water consumption. The smart toilet system shows that no excess water is wasted.

2. Environmental Benefits – Since most of the toilets in the western countries use toilet paper, a lot of trees are cut for this. But since the inception of smart toilet systems, the need for toilet papers have reduced considerably. This is because smart toilet systems use the jet water sprays which come pre-installed.

3. Crowd Control – The smart toilet system knows if the bathrooms are preoccupied or not. Therefore it does a good job in letting the people who are waiting outside the bathroom know whether they should enter the bathroom or not. It very efficiently manages the crowd inside the bathroom.

Features of Jibpool Smart Toilet Systems

Safety Alarm – In case of an emergency inside the bathroom, the smart toilet system will alert you. For example, if a person passes out in the bathroom, the smart toilet system will let the authorities know it.

Toilet Malfunctions – If you still use toilet papers and toilet soaps, then there is a chance that you may run out of toilet paper or soaps. In that case, you can keep a system setting which will allow you to know well in advance whenever you need to stock up the toilet supplies again. This way, you will never have to face the emergency of no toilet papers.

Air Quality Monitoring – The air that we breathe is very important for health. That is why the smart toilet system is designed in such a manner that if the air quality of your bathroom drops below the Standard level then it will alert you about the same. It can detect if the bathroom is filled with smoke.

Manpower Management – In the case of office buildings, a lot of people occupy the bathrooms. This increases the workload on the cleaners and keeping this in mind, the smart toilet system is equipped with the ability to detect which bathroom needs more staff for cleaning at priority and which doesn’t.

Smart Toilet System Structure

IoT (Internet Of Things) – The whole bathroom will be equipped with industry-leading robust sensors which will detect anything wrong. There will be Wi-Fi ethernet connectivity present as well.

Big Data Analysis – You can also analyze and measure data that is stored by the smart toilet system in the cloud servers by BLE.

Dashboard and Report – It is not a very complex task to control the smart toilet system. The dashboard is very easy to handle and you can tweak things around in the system very easily.


The smart toilet system is the way forward. It saves people time and water, both of which are very essential to our lives. You can also get an idea of the temperature of the bathroom. The smart toilet system can even automate and regulate the temperature inside the bathroom on its own. Jibpool’s smart toilets are one of the industry’s leading smart systems.

Smart Toilet System is a maintenance technology that consists of people density counter, ammonia sensor, safety alert and etc. Data collected with analytics provide predictive cleaning and inventory usage. A device equipped with a sensor transceiver and Wi-Fi Ethernet connectivity detects relevant data that will help the facility management on the cleanliness of every washroom.

(1) Safety Alert – Passing out on the toilet and require immediate attention
(2) Toilet Malfunction – Run out of toilet paper or hand-wash soap
(3) Air Quality Monitoring – Smoke detection for toilets
(4) Manpower Management – Cleaners work load depends on people flow in buildings
(5) Crowd Control Services – Staff redirect customers to nearby washroom due to long queues

System Structure:
(1) IOT (Internet of Things) Solution – Understanding every aspect of the washroom by deploying industry-grade robust sensors
(2) Big Data Analysis – Sensor’s reading is uploaded to cloud by BLE to conduct Big Data Analysis
(3) Dashboard & Report – Easy facilities management by a glance at our dashboard & auto generated report


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