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Safety flooring tiles for commercial uses, by Jibpool

In Jibpool, you can find a variety of safety flooring tiles. Easy to clean and slip resistant, the floor materials are produced under stringent regulations to ensure quality and safety.

Commercial projects need flooring that is suitable to the customers that visit the place. These floorings should be aesthetically appealing because with bad flooring, the commercial units might not perform to their full potential when customers do not feel drawn to the shops. At Jibpool, there are many variants of this product. There are many safety flooring tiles to choose from, and the providers of these solutions are Polyflor, Nora, Wineo and IVC.

The important slip resistance factor

Polyflor is a global leader in the business, providing custom tiles that are mainly slip resistant. This is especially useful for commercial units because customers would prefer to walk on safer flooring that is not too slippery which may cause them to fall. Polyflor is also an environmentally conscious provider of flooring products, offering a range to choose from. These products include homogeneous, heterogeneous, acoustic, interwoven vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl tiles. The acoustic variation is provided to give a sound insulation effect. There is a variant suitable for commercial utility floors, and that is the loose lay flooring. It is free of any adhesives and is also very easy and quick to install. Combining the aspects of functionality and design are the heterogenous tiles that can be used both commercially and residentially for safety flooring tiles.

The importance of aesthetics in commercial units, with Wineo

Wineo provides the best laminate and vinyl floorings. Their products are exceptionally attractive and will be useful to catch the eye of customers when used in commercial units. Options like wood and stone patterns are unique to Wineo collections. There are many installation videos on their website that can enable easy installation with less or no hassle at all. Of the products offered by Wineo, laminate flooring is one that is resistant to UV rays and also better suited in the case of damp conditions. On the other hand, Purline organic flooring is more resilient and boasts a “Made In Germany” quality. The main aspect being safety flooring tiles, these Wineo flooring solutions offer comfort, elegance and also safety. They are also available for fire resistant and slip resistant applications.

Endless design possibilities, with extreme functionality, with IVC flooring

IVC is another popular brand name in the world of safety flooring tiles. They provide variants like sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl along with a few useful design tips on their website. The most attractive feature by IVC is that on some products they offer a warranty of up to 15 years. That is something to be considered especially for commercial applications, where there is more movement and wear and tear. For example, the Flexitec Uptown Flare is a very chic and trendy collection that will definitely impress people of the younger generation. Luxury Vinyl flooring is provided with waterproof solutions, with an option on the type of planks to be used, like Eastern Hickory, Scarlet Oak and Castle Oak. Under the category of flooring help, they provide care and maintenance tips on how best to preserve this flooring.

Products > Flooring Solution > Fitnice

Made in Spain

Fitnice® is a woven vinyl product formed by PVC-coated polyester fibers manufactured at Vertisol in Spain. Due to its composition, Fitnice is a phthalate-free and antimony-free product that also prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. The functional a woven vinyl covering product can be used on floor and wall.

Design is part of Fitnice’s DNA. Its wide color palette and range of tile shapes, in the case of floors, enable the creation of infinite combinations, providing architects and interior designers a tool to create a unique, customized environments with a high degree of design and functionality.

Fitnice is woven from two-tone single-filament thread, which enables the creation of a random harmonic effect playing with incident light. Additionally, the combination of colours in the weave and method of installation give it a three-dimensional appearance, playing with incident light and creating truly surprising colour effects.

  • Eco friendly, phthalate and antimony trioxide free
  • Thermofixed to prevent fraying, high abrasion resistance
  • Bicolour yarns create a randomly harmonious effect
  • High dimensional stability, does not swell on contact with water
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Easy maintenance
  • Up to R10 anti slip rating and 15dB acoustic insulation
  • Outstanding UV resistance, light fastness ≥7
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, meets LEED requirement

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