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The different types of floorings for schools, with safety for children

Jibpool provides you with safety school floor solution. Flooring for school takes expertise to ensure functionality and safety. From sports ground to canteen, library to soft play area, find the ideal one in Jibpool.

Slip-resistant flooring solutions

Of the services provided by Jibpool, there are 6 types of flooring, dedicated to educational purposes, that is, to be used in schools. The first type is provided by Polyflor. It is known specifically for its slip-resistant texture, even when the floor is wet. Polyflor also produces sustainable flooring solutions, that are not too carbon emissive, and therefore are not too harmful to the environment. To show this Polyflor also maintains a sustainability report each year, which is up for public viewing on their website. They have many specified products such as acoustic flooring, that helps to minimize noise levels and this is one of the features that make it suitable to be used in schools and is also a good safety school floor solution.

Takiron flooring is also another product that is distinctly slip-resistant. They are soft enough to walk on barefoot, but are also hard enough to allow movement of carts and heavy trolleys without the issue of excessive slip. Their texture can be distinguished from other products, and samples can also be ordered online. This hard yet aesthetic flooring feature is what sets Takiron flooring apart, and makes it a suitable candidate for flooring for school areas as it is not appropriate to have school children to run around on slippery floors.

Safe and environment-friendly solutions to your flooring needs

Nora is another well-known flooring solutions provider who are global leaders in providing rubber flooring. They offer authentic German quality products and make exceptionally good quality rubber for flooring purposes. The emphasis on the safety aspect of rubber flooring goes without saying and is understood that it is suitable for children as it will not be hazardous. These floorings have a simple installation system, they are reliable and are also environmentally compatible. The rubber is fire resistant and is free of compounds such as PVC and therefore it is not something to pose danger in an educational environment and is suitable for flooring in school.

Grabo flooring is best suited for sports atmospheres. Not just sports shoes, but the type of flooring in these areas plays a major role in the performance of athletes, including flooring for schools. All these flooring solutions come with the factor of being socially responsible to the environment, and so is Grabo flooring.

Modern floors, and the best option

On the other hand, Wineo flooring gives a more chic up to date solution. They have categorized products into purline organic, design and laminate flooring. While laminate flooring is more suited to damp conditions, the purline organic variation may be more durable and is of certified German quality. It is also extremely durable and UV resistant. As a provider of flooring solutions in over 70 countries, they are experts in delivering customer satisfactory floorings that are warm to your feet and are also extremely durable in a wide range of weather conditions and also proves to be a safety school floor solution.

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