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Safety Flooring For Playgrounds & Pvc Indoor Gym/Sports Flooring

Various flooring solutions for various applications: Safety flooring for playgrounds, PVC indoor sports flooring

Jibpool presents the safety flooring for playgrounds and pvc indoor gym/sports flooring. High durability and easy to clean, making it a perfect texture for everyday wear and tear.

Polyflor variant for slip resistance

Jibpool offers 3 variants of community flooring, each provided by global leaders in the flooring business. These are Grabo, Polyflor and Nora. Polyflor specializes in floors that are resistant to slip. They can be placed in places where there is a large flow of people, and this particular feature is useful as it will allow these people to move through the area without slipping on the floor. This makes it a good candidate for safety flooring for playgrounds and for sports flooring for gyms. There are many types of products offered by Polyflor, like interwoven vinyl flooring and other luxury vinyl tile collections for a wide range of applications. There are other more informative parts of the Polyflor site that provide maintenance instruction manuals, other accessories for your flooring and a list of adhesives that are approved. It also contains other product specification details. Polyflor is also known for its environmentally friendly, sustainable flooring products.

Consider Nora for rubber flooring, safety aspect elevated

Nora is another prominent flooring-solutions expert, whose products are available at Jibpool. They are leaders in providing rubber flooring and focus mainly on that area. Forming these flooring products with exceptionally resilient and strong materials, Nora is also an environmentally conscious company. They extend their products for application in the education, healthcare and in the public building sector. They can be used to make safety flooring for playgrounds. For the best community usage, Nora floors can be preferable as they have already completed several successful projects in places like shops and stores where there is a lot of human traffic. These products have a quick installation feature and also provide fire resistance, and inlays can be made with various colors and patterns for purposes like creating a gateway or directions to follow. The possibilities are endless. They are also being used in transportation, for the flooring of buses and other such vehicles.

For sports utilities like gyms, consider Grabo products

The third variant is Grabo. Grabo specializes in flooring for sports environments like for basketball courts. These products are both durable and aesthetically appealing. They are mainly used for sports flooring gyms and other places intended for physical activities. Grabo caters to commercial units and provides flooring that can be acoustically designed to avoid noise, or with the use of their patented technology, produce flooring that can be used in hospitals to be free of germs and prevent the spreading of infections. This product from Grabo is termed as Silver Knight. Grabo is also useful for community projects, like PVC indoor sports flooring. The variety in semi-commercial flooring is that it is easy to clean, provides sound insulation, comfort and good wear resistance. They also recommend some accessories like the soft PVC skirting board, to complement the flooring products they provide. Apart from providing solutions that do not damage the environment, Grabo is also a socially responsible company.

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