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Techno I

The Techno system comes with a full set of “PBA” corrosion resistant stainless steel (AISI 316L grade) ironmongeries made in Italy. It is complemented with Solid Phenolic Panel that complies with the EN 438 European Standard.

The system is completed with 12mm thick panels for door, pilaster & division panel, with PBA angle bracket, gravity action hinge, indicator, door knob, doorstop hook and adjustable foot with a recessed headrail; all in strict accordance to manufacturer’s instruction.

  • neat design with recess panel holder
  • 12mm thick Solid Phenolic Panels
  • resistance to pitting corrosion and stress corrosion (EN 1670)
  • anti pilling, anti-bacteria (JIS Z 2801:2000)
  • totally rigid structure

APB Centre
(Sun Ho Kai Property)

COM Lane Crawford
(Commercial Building)

East Point Asia
(Commercial Building)


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




Jibpool Compact Form System, Lavatory Solution


compact, Lavatory Solution, techno I

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