Duplex Steam Cleaning Machine

Duplex Steam
The Duplex 340 Floor Steam Cleaner with a cleaning width of 340mm (13″). It gives ‘right to the edge’ cleaning on all floor surfaces, alongside walls and into corners.

Steam floor cleaners clean without the need for aggressive chemicals. This makes the use of steam floor cleaning equipment both ecologically friendly and economically sound.

The floor steam cleaner has a very compact design for their brush width, they will steam clean up to the edge of skirting, furniture and equipment, as the brushes are off set our industrial floor steam cleaner can get into corners for the perfect steam clean.

Duplex Escalator
The Duplex Escalator Cleaning Machine Base has a 350 mm cleaning width and unique patented guide rails making it suitable for regular maintenance cleaning of escalators and translators.

Cleaning is a two stage process, firstly the machine is connected to a tub vacuum cleaner for a ‘dry sweep’ to remove dustand that is followed by a ‘damp wash’ as the machine sprays a fine mist of water and cleaning fluid onto the treads before scrubbing the escalator’s treads using special brushes.

The Duplex Escalator Base uses minimal water which is a key requirement of escalator and travelator manufacturers whilst also being environmentally friendly. The brushes have been designed in consultation with leading escalator manufacturers and reach fully into the treads where dust and grime can accumulate.


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




Wellness Technology


Carpet tiles, carpeting, cleaning, duplex, Hard flooring, machine, steam

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