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Fitnice Lessen Acoustic
Superior Woven Acoustic Panel
Made in Spain
Vertisol designed, Fitnice Lessen acoustic panel is designed to create a cosier and healthier environments for people, added to the excellent acoustic properties offered by various patterns and colour of fabrics. Lessen acoustic panels is produced for noise reduction, giving nicer look, which can be placed on wall or ceilings in various shapes, dimensions, digital print us also available.

Lesson acoustic panels can be applied on both residential and commercial applications and for office or auditorium spaces, among others. Both at home and at work, it is essential to create a pleasant environment with noise-free spaces from interior to exterior.

Opting for Vertisol acoustic panels means choosing comfort and quality of life. The composition of the fabrics, all constantly tested to offer the most convenient acoustic solution, together with the other elements that make up the panel, guarantee that they will improve the quality of sound and reduce the levels of reverberation inside a room.

High levels of reverberation can be annoying and even harmful to the human ear. Moreover, fabrics with acoustic absorption enable better communication and a clearer message. Improved sound quality allows better communication between people, conditioning spaces to make them more liveable, healthier and efficient.

  • Panels with acoustic absorption class A
  • Very easy to clean, anti-dust mite
  • Extremely durable, high resistance to abrasion
  • Flame retardant
  • Made of recycled materials, recyclable
  • Get credits in green; Low VOC
  • Phthalate-free; no fiberglass

Lessen Types:

Bloc – Can be installed as a single panel or as a composition, both on the wall and on the ceiling.

Tacet – Designed by Monica Armani Studio, with elegant shape and large dimensions. Dressing with art and becomes the focus point in the space.

Plec – Not only separating the spaces, with an added value to the current place, can stand on floor , installed on wall and apply on desktop.

Jockey Club CWB Clubhouse


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




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