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Made in Spain

Ojmar go further and provide the best solution for the different problems that arise in the facilities with locking systems and in the management of them.

We are very aware that, in some sports facilities, the changing room is a key element. Where personal belongings are kept is intimate. Our mission is to offer perfect locks and locking systems adaptable to any type of need and furniture. We work every day to improve our products and services. An approach that promotes creativity and gives Ojmar a competitive edge to offer our customers added value.

It is important that the clubs understand that locking systems are not only used to allow users to save their belongings.

In Ojmar we go much further, offering solutions that are integrated with access control, fitness equipment (Technogym, among others), payment systems, etc. Because a well-implemented technology facilitates management, increases security, controls user traffic, and saves time and consumables.


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




Security Lock System



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