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Green Walk 2016

World Green Organisation (WGO) held a conference at the World Trade Centre to announce findings from our “Hong Kong People’s Walking Habits” survey and gave out details for the “Green WALK Hong Kong 2016” event on November 5th, 2016. The findings were very hopeful. Over 80% of Hong Kong people that we surveyed were willing to walk instead of taking short-distance vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Through this “Green WALK 2016” campaign, WGO hopes to encourage more people to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle by reducing their use of public transportation especially in short distances.

In order to promote Hong Kong as a green, walkable city, WGO is holding a “Green Walk Hong Kong 2016” event on November 5th. WGO’s first “Green WALK Hong Kong 2016” will encourage people to walk.

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