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Looking for alternative flooring products? 2tec2 woven vinyl flooring is stylish, durable and functional, Jibpool offers a wide range of floor solutions for different uses. Consult our experts today for innovative ideas.

One of the products offered by Jibpool is 2tec2 flooring. This option has a multitude of hi-tech flooring solutions for all kinds of needs. The company is situated in Belgium, but they offer services with the collaboration and assistance from designers, architects and contractors from all around the world. Such products provided by 2tec2 woven vinyl flooring include the Andromeda, the Supernova and many more. Many varieties of projects have been undertaken by 2tec2, all grand successes. One such notable project is the National Library of Korea. Located in Seoul, South Korea, the library has been enhanced by the trendy subtle and yet modern floorings provided by 2tec2.

Quality assurance from 2tec2

2tect2 guarantees good durable flooring solutions when maintained properly. They provide certain maintenance manuals on their website so that users can get a clearer picture of how these floors should be kept to extend their longevity. Also, 2tec2 emphasizes the need for this maintenance from the aspect of hygiene. They have also enclosed, dedicated files regarding their declaration of performance, relating to features such as Comfort Backing, Rolls and Tiles. These files have details like the registered trade name and address of the manufacturer, and behavior of the flooring as electrical behavior, resistance to fire and resistance to slipping. These are also easily downloadable on their website.

Things to know about woven vinyl floorings, advantages and drawbacks

2tec2 woven vinyl flooring is a trademark because they provide the best quality of woven vinyl flooring that is easy to clean and more durable than the other types of floors available in the market. It is also said that woven vinyl floors are hard to stain, but are also easy to clean making them extremely functional for all applications. However, there is a minor drawback in using 2tec2 woven vinyl flooring, and that is the fact that the machines that make these weft threads are not able to control the strength of each thread or the tension in the yarn. This gives way to shading which is an optical effect. To counter this, one must install tiles that are quarter-turned. Another way in which this can be avoided is that narrow strips can be seamed, in varying colors right next to each other. Those who prefer functionality over mere appearance will not mind this slight change in the design.

Soiling and scuffing are 2 common issues when shoes are worn on the woven vinyl flooring, but this can also be tackled by choosing darker colors. This material is also prone to being heated up, and when this happens, the scratches made on this flooring become permanent. The only solution to this is to replace just that area that was permanently scratched. Unexpected white strings may come from the flooring, which is called fraying and this is also a common condition in woven vinyl floors. These drawbacks would occur only on improper maintenance and careless use of the flooring so when these are avoided, the woven vinyl flooring provided by 2tec2 will be the best option.

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Made in Belgium

2tec2 has a team of flooring specialists with a passion for innovation, design and architecture. The high tech flooring collaborate with architects, designers and contractors all over the world. Their woven vinyl is extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time, stain resistant, waterproof and easy to clean; engineered for high traffic locations such as workspaces, hospitality, public spaces, healthcare and retail.

2tec2 is an innovative woven vinyl flooring product with 90% vinyl and 10% fiberglass, finished off with a layer of comfort backing. This innovative backing has an additional acoustic felt layer, it reduces 19dB impact sound and 70% walking noise reduction, its excellent acoustic properties are far better than hard flooring and within the same range of most textile carpet tiles. It also improves underfoot comfort thanks to this Comfort Backing.

  • 10 years warranty
  • hybrid flooring that combines the best characteristics of both carpet and hard surface flooring
  • extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time
  • easy to clean, stain resistant and water proof
  • suitable for projects built according to BREEAM and LEED
  • rolls are seamless, tiles are available as squares, mini squares, diamonds, hexagons, triangles and planks

Hybrid Collection – It has a profound carpet appearance and will arouse the curiosity of designers. Hybrid is the perfect harmony between hard and soft flooring, combining the best of both worlds.

Play Collection – Allows you to play with various shapes of tiles to create inspiring floors in woven vinyl. Diamonds, hexagons and planks are among some of our suggestions, but actually any shape and size is possible.


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