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AICA High Pressure Laminate

Made in Thailand

AICA always keep developing the business and projects which provide a wide range of environment-friendly products such as high pressure laminate, non-combustible decorative panel and other laminate related products in overseas decorative industry.

HPL are laminated plastic sheets which have been formed under high temperatures (150°C) and high pressures (approx. 100 kg/cm2). The process involves stacking multiple sheets which have each been impregnated with melamine and phenol resins and then dried onto one another. The surface layer consists of melamine resin while the central core layers consist of phenol resin.

Cerarl is a non-combustible decorative panel comprised of high temperature and high pressure press formed melamine resin impregnated decorative layers and a specialized non-combustible core.

Altyno is a rotogravure-processed premium design resin film with a pressure resistant adhesive on the underside. Boasts excellent flexibility and so can be used with the types of curved surfaces.


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




High Pressure Laminate


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