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GENTAS, a Turkey based worldwide well-known HPL manufacturer through its innovations, capacity and quality since 1972. Gentas is a limited company with annual laminate capacity of 15.000.000 m² of CPL, 3.620.360 m² of compacts and 10.623.085 m² HPL decorative laminates. It’s laminates achieved the success of being widely preferred in 6 continents and over 65 countries.

Gentas produces wide-range of quality laminates with different types of certificates including EN438, fire resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, antibacterial surface property, antistatic surface property.

There are 400 different decors and 50 various surface finishes Gentas can provide, including:

  • G-Com – Compact laminate panels, capable in wet and humid areas, easy to clean and anti-bacterial, which is suitable for schools, gym, public, hospital and hotels.
  • G-Lam – High Pressure Laminate and CPL (roll laminate), which wide color range and hygiene surface. Perfect in interior, furniture, kitchen and cabinet doors, and even schools.
  • G-Zero – ZERO®  advanced Nano Surface, anti-fingerprints and scratches, easy to clean and high UV resistant.
  • G-Digi – Allows computer-generated patterns to be used on surfaces.
  • G-Ext UV+ – Exterior HPL  compact panels which stand out with UV and UV rays, anti-bacteria and dirt, capable for different climate conditions.

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