BioSure Odor Decompose System 異味消除系統

Restore Nature’s Way to Eliminating Odors

由異味根源出發,高效除甲醛,天拿水,阿摩尼亞等異味,殺滅新形冠狀病毒及細菌率達99.99%,重拾潔淨空氣。Originating from the source, effectively removes thinner, formaldehyde, ammonia and odors, killing COVID-19 and bacteria with a rate of 99.99%

BioSure Professional:通過AAOP技術,還原羥基自由基在大自然的角色,針對物業管理面對的痛點,將大自然空氣淨化的處理重現於室內,重拾潔淨空氣。ODS異味消除系統分解空氣中的有機物質,將其轉化為無害的元素:二氧化碳(CO₂)和水(H₂O)。這項開創性的技術以光觸媒氧化還原技術為基礎,結合先進的專利電解活氧技術,使額外增濕的活性氧形成並參與光觸媒反應過程,從而大幅增加羥基自由基的生成,藉此提高除味淨味效率。

BioSure Professional: Through AAOP technology, restoring the role of hydroxyl radicals in nature, reproducing nature’s air purifcation treatment to regaining clean air. The Odor Decompose System breaks down organic matter in the air and converts it into harmless elements: carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water (H₂O). This ground breaking technology is based on photocatalytic oxidation-redution, combined with advanced patented electrolytic active oxygen technology. It enables the formation of additional moistened active oxygen to participate in the photocatalytic reaction process, signifcantly increasing the generation of hydroxyl radicals, thereby enhancing the effciency of odor removal and purifcation.


Copenhagen, Denmark




Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Wellness Technology


ESG, Intelligent Toilet, IOT, Lavatory Solution, Smart Toilet, Smart Toilet System

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