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Waterproof PVC & Slip Resistant Swimming Pool Flooring

The best solution for your PVC flooring Waterproof & Slip Resistant Swimming Pool Flooring issues

CI Takiron specialises in waterproof pvc flooring and slip resistant flooring for swimming pool and outdoor facilities. They are innovative and customised to be your perfect solution for sun and water resistant flooring.

With more and more people building in luxury escape spaces in the comfort of their own residential places, there is a need for constant up gradation of services. The design and flooring solution company Jibpool, provides solutions according to your exact needs and requirements. They are the best in the business and provide the best quality products. One of their special branches of expertise is PVC flooring waterproof and slip resistant swimming pool flooring solutions.

They are well-known suppliers and users of CI Takiron. This is a company which specializes in PVC flooring waterproof and slip resistant swimming pool flooring services and products. They also extend their services to outdoor spaces. Their products are of excellent quality and made from long-lasting, durable materials.

Their flooring options come in WELS sheet IVF, MT/MX, and two categories of series, namely High Grade Series and Standard Series. These two categories feature flooring materials from various aesthetics and price range, but all of superior quality.

Jibpool also deals with outdoor and swimming pool flooring materials which are sun and water resistant in nature, so that they can be long lasting and durable with minimal wear and tear due to usage.

Since the spaces we are discussing are close to the water, we have to understand that we need to take into consideration the chemical reaction of the materials due to the water, is to be taken as an important factor. This important aspect of flooring will help us understand the best way to choose the right kind of material and also understand its maintenance requirements. This is also where Jibpool steps in to offer their excellent understanding and professional experience.

Being around water would also call for some safety measures to be taken. A small fall can cause great damage to someone, which is why Jibpool understands the importance of choosing the right anti-slip material for each job.

Their expertise in PVC flooring waterproof and slip resistant swimming pool flooring helps customers get a good solution to our needs. They carefully pick and choose materials which are cost effective and will meet the requirements of their clients. They have customized solutions for each customer according to their specific needs. With Jibpool’s intelligent solutions, build your residence or commercial spaces with the best quality products and a classy design base.

Make your house a delightful place to relax, and give it a touch of upgraded modern lifestyle. It will not only make your living a grade better, but also will not burn a hole in your pocket. Avail of the expert services provided by Jibpool to upgrade your home. Hope this article helped you in understanding what to look for when you want excellent flooring solutions, be in indoors or outdoors. The right choice of materials would make your house stand out. It will be easy to maintain and will keep your family and yourself safe from water accidents. You can also check out more solutions such as lavatory solutions and lock systems provided by Jibpool.

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Made in Japan

CI Takiron has always been the market leader of PVC anti-slip safety flooring in Japan and other regions, its durable structure and anti-slip feature contributes to users’ safety. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, applicable in all kinds of sites, such as schools, hospitals, swimming pools, corridor etc.
Not only does the product keep users safe, Takiron also offers art cut customization service, allowing users to create their unique and personalized safe ground.

  • High durability
  • Excellent slip-resistance
  • Valiant weather resistance and chemical resistance
  • Excellent impact shock absorption

Australian International School

Tung Wah College

Shrewsbury International School

Chinese International School

Joyful World Kindergarten

South Island School


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