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Made in Germany

The KEMMLIT started out as a department, it was established in 1948. Due to its success, KEMMLIT Bauelemente GmbH became a subsidiary company of the Kemmler group in 1967, to provide consulting service, planning, production and installation – everything done by one company. Today the company, still in the hands of the Kemmler family, is one of the largest suppliers of sanitary fittings in Europe and is the market leader in Germany.

The system comes with 30mm or 42mm aluminium, stainless steel or steel sheet for door, pilaster and division panel, as well as all the necessary ironmongeries: hinge, door handle, door knob and adjustable foot; all in strict accordance to manufacturer’s instruction.

  • Softcell® – Supporting legs or head rails are deliberately obscured which conformed to a new visual landscape
  • Hardcell® – Unique 42mm thick panels made of stainless steel, aluminium or steel strengthen the visual impact. The unmistakable impression produced by this cubicle system results from the alternately broad and narrow front panels
  • Classiccell® – Appears to float above ground by smooth-surfaced front with welted doors, concealed edges and supporting legs. The dividing walls of 42 mm floor-to-ceiling closed composite elements with special middle layer guarantees a high degree of privacy and optimal sound reduction

The system comes with 30mm or 38mm thicken wood for door, pilaster & division panel, as well as all the necessary ironmongeries: hinge, adjustable foot, door handles and knobs, and rod grip with LED display; all in strict accordance to manufacturer’s instruction.

  • The high-quality wooden material is melamine-resin-coated and available in a variety of attractive colours and decors
  • Rebated doors with precise aluminium edges hide the attachment point and provide a smooth and elegant appearance
  • A grip rod with integrated WC-locking system and LED-occupied display
  • The specially developed KEMMLIT-hinges with extended rollers feature a 6-way screw-system and cannot be detached
  • The internal stainless steel pin of the three-roller edge-hinge can be fitted with a spring to enable self-closing or -opening of the doors
  • The integrated door buffer enables low-noise closing

PRIMO Kn meets the highest requirements concerning aesthetics and functionality. The system is smooth-surfaced and rebated. Doors and walls are made of a 42 mm thick composite elements with internal aluminium frames for maximum torsion resistance and longevity. A special protective layer on the HPL-surface increases the scratch and abrasion resistance.

PRIMO Kn is suitable for wet and dry rooms. In order to withstand even intense wear, the system was developed with a substantial three-roller edge hinge with a stainless steel axis. All profiles are made of high-quality anodised aluminium.

Lohas Park 8
Sea To Sky Clubhouse

Sanatorium Hospital 8/F

Sanatorium Hospital


Copenhagen, Denmark




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