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Made in Belgium

2tec2 has a team of flooring specialists with a passion for innovation, design and architecture. The high tech flooring is manufacture in Belgium, collaborate with architects, designers and contractors all over the world. Their woven vinyl is extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time, stain resistant, waterproof and easy to clean; engineered for high traffic locations such as workspaces, hospitality, public spaces, healthcare and retail.

2tec2 is an innovative woven vinyl flooring product with 90% vinyl and 10% fiberglass, finished off with a layer of comfort backing. This innovative backing has an additional acoustic felt layer, it reduces 19dB impact sound and 70% walking noise reduction, its excellent acoustic properties are far better than hard flooring and within the same range of most textile carpet tiles. It also improves underfoot comfort thanks to this Comfort Backing.

  • 10 years warranty
  • hybrid flooring that combines the best characteristics of both carpet and hard surface flooring
  • extremely robust with almost no aspect change over time
  • easy to clean, stain resistant and water proof
  • suitable for projects built according to BREEAM and LEED
  • rolls are seamless, tiles are available as squares, mini squares, diamonds, hexagons, triangles and planks


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




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