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Arpa – Classy High Pressure Laminates Materials

Made in Italy

Arpa has been designing and producing HPL panels with high-quality since 1954. From architecture to interior design, from health care to naval shipbuilding, from transportation to hospitality, moreover, from retail to kitchens. A vast range of products, extremely diversified in both structure and aesthetic.

Arpa’s HPL decorative laminates are produced in the 150,000-square-metre plant in Bra, in the Piedmont area of Italy, which is originally “Made in Italy”.

For its craft skill, Arpa has more than 60 years of history in research and technology in HPL productions. It allows the company to achieve a position of primary importance and gain reputation for great reliability in international markets.

For its sustainability, Arpa aware of its social responsibility to all its stakeholders. In addition, since 2006, Arpa has a Code of Ethics that regulates standard procedures and attests to its values of integrity, transparency and responsibility.


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark




Decorative Finishing, High Pressure Laminate



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