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Made in Taiwan

Sunflower High Pressure Laminates

Made in Taiwan

Sunflower Corporation established in 1973 as a manufacturer of polyester plywood and plywood based products. In 1979, in order to respond to an increase in market demand, therefore, Sunflower invested in the machinery and technology for the manufacture of high-pressure decorative laminates (HPL). It branded this new line of products “SUNLITE”.

Sunflower innovative finishes, dynamic designs, and many options in size ranges. Size available from 4’× 8’ (1220mm × 2440mm) to 5’3″× 12’ (1600mm × 3660mm), makes Sunlite becomes one of the most popular options in the industry.

To better serve the community, Sunflower developed “Zero Emission” HPL and MFC. Both certified by Department of Communication of Japan as “F4 Star” (Super E0) classification. Also, awarded “Green Label” by the Taiwan and Singapore government.


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High Pressure Laminate


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