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Since launching in Manchester 1915, Polyflor major investment has been to design high quality resilient flooring solutions for a wide variety of flooring solutions to suit any need – aged care, retail, residential, healthcare, residential, you name it. As a manufacturer, we take our contribution seriously and are constantly establishing processes of recycling, reducing waste and being as carbon neutral as possible.

Polyflor focus on reducing the environmental impact by providing a high level of durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and safe disposal. All manufacturing processes and systems are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, with zero compromise in choice and functionality of the product, Polyflor is ‘flooring design for a better environment’.

Homogenous Vinyl Flooring:
Polyflor homogenous range of vinyl flooring, ranges from traditional marbleised through to sophisticated non-directional decorations, including the unique multi-flake decoration of Pearlazzo. The homogenous sheet vinyl offers excellent durability, reliability, easy, low cost maintenance and endless design possibilities.

The Polysafe range is one of the most advanced resilient safety floors currently available. Featuring a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement, UV cured for superior cleaning benefits. The entire Polysafe range is 100% recyclable through the Recofloor scheme and contains recycled material.

Undergoing stringent testing, Polysafe ranges have a sustainable slip, guaranteeing the slip resistance for the warrantable lifetime of the product. Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas where there are risks of water spillage and other contaminants in commercial and residential areas.

Inspired by the natural environment and a world of colour. Palettone comes in a palette of 50 contemporary colours, ranging from pale neutrals through to more intense shades, enables you to bring a special brand of style and elegance to any environment.

  • Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas
  • UV cured, No wax for life
  • Cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement
  • Outstanding durability and abrasion resistance Group T
  • Up to R10 anti slip rating
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRE A+
  • 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material

Polysafe Quattro:
Specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance in continually wet areas where additional contaminants such as shampoo and shower gels may be present. This stud-free safety flooring range offers superior comfort underfoot whilst maintaining high performance and safety.

  • 12 Shades, 6 chipped, 6 unchipped
  • PUR coating for easy, low cost maintenance
  • R11 anti slip rating, 50+ on the Pendulum (Slider 96)
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRE A+
  • 100% recyclable & low VOC emissions


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