SANS SOUCI- Bespoke Lighting & Architectural Art Installation

SANS SOUCI – Bespoke Lighting & Architectural Art Installations

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Made in Czech Republic

Sans Souci Lighting, is a premier designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects, and architectural features. They specialize in bespoke lighting and unique architectural art installations, blending impeccable design with a passion for modernity.

Sans Souci stands out for its expertise in Nano-coating processes, allowing light to shine through materials like metal. The Design Lab at Sans Souci transforms inspiration into breathtaking designs, creating personalized lights and architectural installations. With a focus on technological advances, their Lighting Specialists handle intricate projects, offering dynamic and interactive lighting solutions.

Home Editions 

BOND, Sans Souci’s first Home Editions collection, responds to the life you live.

Two beautifully crafted glass pendants – one convex, one concave – are fitted together with an integrated light source. BOND reflects and transmits light differently depending on the natural light that surrounds it, giving your interior a different ambience during different times of day or seasons.

Expertly nano-coated and available in a range of sizes and hues, you can create the perfect formation for your space. BOND allows you to bring high-end lighting design into your home without requiring expert installation.

KPM  Healthcare Centre

Grand Resort Bad Raga


Tina Morris, Michael Richardson




Copenhagen, Denmark






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